Goodale Productions

What We Do

At Goodale Productions, it's not just about making movies, it's about changing lives. With revenue generated from our independent films and fundraising efforts, we are able to support various charities around the world.

With a strong emphasis on enriching the lives of students, Goodale Productions helps select young men and women achieve their dreams of higher education. Our efforts also extend to aid victims of domestic violence and abuse.

We believe that when much is given, much is expected. With your help, we can make a difference.
Who We Help

Who We Help

The people we help are as diverse as our library of independent films. Individuals receiving assistance and guidance from Goodale Productions come from all over the world.

We primarily focus on providing scholarships for students at the university level, but we also fund charities devoted to many other worthy causes. Our network of humanitarian organizations

We work to help people in every corner of the earth including our own backyard. We may even be helping somebody in your neighborhood.
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How We Do It

We have developed dynamic relationships with individuals and organizations around the world who share our passion for making the world a better place. With their combined efforts, we can produce movies written and directed by filmakers around the world.

Creativity and passion enable us to reach our goals. The proceeds from our films are distributed to a global network of charities dedicated to various causes.

Our independent films are made to make independent People.