Dhonna Goodale

The passion for our work comes directly from our founder, a veteran of stage and screen herself. For detailed history of Dhonna at the Sundance Film Frestival and The International Black Film Festival, click here.

Here is a list of her work:

International Theater & Film

Washing Machine: Melanie: Belgium 2003 (Click Here)
Philine Says Sorry: Chaka Kahn: Denmark 2002
The Wiz: Dorothy: Europe and Asia 1991-1996
Vienna Festival (Cannes Festival of the stage): Travesty of the Homeland: Revolutionary: Austria 1991

International Music Tours

Australia - Roberta Flack: 2009
New Zealand - Roberta Flack, Q-Tip and 'NEXT': 2009
Roberta Flack - Japan: 2008


Why Old Ladies Cry At Weddings (backers reading � 07/12)
Harlem Hot N' Sassy: Bessie Smith - Director, George Faison
Vagina Monologues
Love's Labour's Lost: Jacquenetta: Shakespeare in the Park - Director, Peg Murray
Outpost of Progress: Mrs. Price: Gaya Theatre: Off Broadway
Clean Sheets Can't Soil: Sahri (also asst director) - Director, Mark Douglas -18th Street Playhouse
(Off Broadway)
The Judgment: Ruthie: Royal Court Repertory Theatre
Hit of the Year: Gloria: Royal Court Repertory Theatre
Calalou: Dancer: Perry Street Theatre - Director, Percival Bored (Off Broadway)

Mame: Mama Burnside - Director, Robert Boedecker

Annie: Sophie/Mrs. Pugh - Director, Robert Horn


Four Houses: TLC, Presently on Air
Over the Top Holiday Decorating: Dhonna's episode starts in December

Law and Order: NBC
Growing Up Gotti: A&E
Another World: NBC
Ryan's Hope: ABC
Edge of Night: ABC
Kate and Allie: CBS
Love Songs: WNEWS
The Street: WOR-9
Miss America Beauty Pageant New York: 3rd runner-up
Amazing Grace: ABC (after school special)


Furmakers of Alexander: print work NY Times
Soho Weekly: promotional publicity series for James Brown
Oggi Magazine (Italian) print
Potter & Moore: print
Kodak: print
Representative - Ford

Background Vocals

Jack Douglas
Kenneth Hanson (Smokey Joe's Cafe)
Duane Foster (Ragtime)
Pat Cissarano
The official anthem songstress for the NY Sharks. NY's first women's professional football team.

Special Talents

Language Accents, Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist


Acting: Peg Murray, John Strasberg, Cathy Moriarty, Ilene Kristen, Loften Mitchell
and Percival Bored, SUNY at Binghamton
Voice: Shelton Becton, Therman Bailey, Ben Mathews, Mary Ann McElroy and Dee Dee Irwin
Theatre: Peg Murray, John Strasberg, Linsey Patterson, Loften Mitchell
Dance: Frank Hatchett, Pearl Primus, Percival Bored

Music Videos

Colonel Abrams "How Soon They Forget"


Don't Sleep - Promos with T.J. Holmes: BET
Lindt - Lindor Chocolates
Novolog - Print and Industrial (presently on air)

Toyota (national)
Furmakers of Alexander's
Colt 45
Old Styles Beer


Angels In America
Black Snake Moan
Working Girl
Crocodile Dundee
Cook Out
King of New York
Fear, Anxiety, Depression
The Brother From Another Planet
Heart (Asst. Stunt Coordinator)
NY Nights
Book of Daniel
Just Like America (Stuntwoman)
Ms. 45 Looking to Get Out
Let's Get Buzzy
Dead Time Stories

Special Talents

Language Accents, Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist, Wardrobe Stylist

Dhonna worked a great deal throughout the 80's and 90's, and made special guest appearances throughout the 2000's. Dhonna put her career on hold when she became a wife and mother. She has now re-entered the business and is ready and available to work. Dhonna is an asset to any project.