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The Suicide Angel
A Dramedy about two star-crossed lovers available for film and stage.

After an "accidental" suicide, Jerry can't get into heaven and he's too good for Hell. Stuck in limbo he is sent back to earth to save Angie, a down on her luck New York call-girl.

On the day of her college graduation about to embark on a brilliant future in the fashion industry, Angie loses her entire family in a tragic car accident. Desperate to save her business, she enters the world of high class prostitution. The inescapable jet-setting Park Avenue lifestyle has caught up to her. Now 40, loveless, alone, and pennyless, Angie is now living in a slum tenament and working in a low-rent brothel where she gets arrested. Facing prison, Angie begins to reflect on her life and contemplates suicide.

This is Jerry's last chance to save a soul as all of his past attempts have ended in the person committing suicide. If he succeeds, he can get into heaven, if not, oh hell! What happens after this will make you watch this film again and again.

This film features the use of Rotoscoping. For a demonstration of Rotoscoping by Charles Schwab,
please click here.

Based on the Original Stage Play by Joanne de Simone
Adaptation by Dhonna Goodale
Produced by Goodale Productions

Starring: Timothy D. Stickney, Cathy Moriarty, Kene Holliday, Dhonna Goodale, Jerry Lombardo

Lead and semi-lead roles still available.

Musical Director - Paul Antonelli

Original Songs and Music:

Say No
by Jerry Barns

I Will Love You Most of All
by Shelton Beacton

Product Placement Consultant - Tim McHeffey