The Tara L. Stevens Memorial Scholarship

Our founder's sister, Tara L. Stevens, 25 years old and beloved mother of 2 beautiful children, was murdered by her husband in September 2003. Upon her death, Tara was working towards her Nursing Degree. She had hoped to earn a better job in order to provide more for her children. Instead, her life was cut short by an abusive husband.

Tara was a caring mother full of love and affection. Unfortunately, she made a bad choice that serves as a lesson to us all. Abuse does not stop. No matter the circumstances, you must love yourself first. You must leave the abuser, realize your self worth, and start life again. There are many organizations that will help. Always remember that you deserve the best, because you are worth it.

This memorial to Tara brings hope to less fortunate students wishing to pursue an education. Your generosity has been the key element, and our students have benefited tremendously.

Thank you so much and God bless you as you help to keep this tradition and her memory alive.
- Dhonna and Bobby Goodale

Congratulations to our 2011 Scholarship Recipients!

Goodale Productions Scholarship

Tara L. Stevens Memorial Scholarship - Riverhead, NY

Tara L. Stevens Memorial Scholarship -
Outside Riverhead, NY

Special Thanks

Brandon Holborn
James Yauillo
Justin Harris
Joshua Beiling
Elizabeth Wells
Emily Cardillo
Corrine Matlak
Michael Drozd
Elwood Lamb
Jonathan Horton
Rodney Rollins
Darneisha Wilkins
Ronnie Strange
Tara Smith
Asia Brown
Robert Chituk
Chardae Dean
Benjamin Edmund
Joyce Williams
Saivon Williams
David McKillop
Marlena Portocarrero
Sara Britt
Tavonna Brown
Leslie Castillo
Tyler Crohan
Zachery Escallier
Daniel Falisi
Treval Hatcher
Wynisha Hatcher
Johnaa Lee
Malyk Leonard
Alexa White
Karla Ayala
Natara Bland
Thomas Doherty
Clinton McCoy
Cynthia Smith
Brianna Futch
Charmaine Futch
Justin Harris
Michael Drozd
Robert Chituk
Elwood Lamb
Saivon Williams
James Peterson
Krystian Jamrozek
Meghan Davis

Alumni Recipients Book Stipend

Lauren Liggon
Kymberlee Stephens
Shaniqua Miles
Kaitlin Arenz
Melissa Roundtree
Alexandria Budd
Michelle Magliulo

Center Moriches:
Catherine McHeffey
Harvey Houpe III

William Floyd:
Donald Whitehurst
Natasha Jackson

Kiara Braithwaite

Hampton Bays:
Elizabeth Raimo

Marius Garber

Riverhead High School - Boces Eastern Suffolk Nursing Program

Cassidy Malinauskas

L.I. University, Riverhead Campus
Early Childhood Development Program and Wardrobe Stipend

Shakyra Thomas

Alumni Recipients Book Stipend

Peter Marino
Ryan Budd
Ryan Brodecker
Johnathan Tyler
Nicholas Contino
Kyle Hubbard
Cameron Roundtree

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