The Tara L. Stevens Memorial Scholarship


Our founder's sister, Tara L. Stevens, 25 years old and beloved mother of 2 beautiful children, was murdered by her husband in September 2003. Upon her death, Tara was working towards her Nursing Degree. She had hoped to earn a better job in order to provide more for her children. Instead, her life was cut short by an abusive husband.

Tara was a caring mother full of love and affection. Unfortunately, she made a bad choice that serves as a lesson to us all. Abuse does not stop. No matter the circumstances, you must love yourself first. You must leave the abuser, realize your self worth, and start life again. There are many organizations that will help. Always remember that you deserve the best, because you are worth it.

This memorial to Tara brings hope to less fortunate students wishing to pursue an education. Your generosity has been the key element, and our students have benefited tremendously.

Thank you so much and God bless you as you help to keep this tradition and her memory alive.
- Dhonna and Bobby Goodale

Scholarship Information

If you have been selected as a scholarship recipient, all applications must be submitted (postmarked) by the deadline, August 31 (Every Year), via CERTIFIED MAIL. Just because you apply does not mean you will be automatically accepted for a scholarship. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please remember to make and keep copies of all paperwork, which is sent with your initial scholarship package explaining in full detail how the scholarship works. Yes, we award scholarships, but you are responsible for obtaining and sending all required documents via CERTIFIED MAIL by the August 31 deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In closing, scholarship recipients will only receive their award if they are attending college, specialty school, trade school or the military.

Scholarship Donation Information

If you would like to send a tax deductable donation, please make checks payable to: "Tara L. Stevens Memorial Scholarship Fund"
Mail to: 186 Point Rd. Flanders, NY 11901

Click here to donate physical items. Please complete and mail the Donation Inventory List form to the address above.

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Recipients! More Recipients Coming Soon!

2016 scholarship recipients will receive their awards on Christmas Eve at K-Mart in Riverhead, NY.

Riverhead High School

Peter Cook - Valedictorian

JJoseph Messina
Ashley Graziano
Muhammad Fareed
Stephen Velasquez
Tramayne Hopkins
Mitchord Kope-Hobbs
Zachary Manule
Jessica Nicholson
Jeremias Hernandez
Jose Alverez
Shania Daniel
Kyle Belcher-Air Guard
Taylor Blando
Sharron Trent
Robert Jackson
Michael Pozamitair
Courtney Troyan
Hanna Da'mes
Alex Bowe
Brian Clark
Megan Brunner
Sophia Parisi
Tyrese Kerr
Lauren Schmitt
Jessica Freeborn
Tyler and Connor Behr
Amonra Exum
Curtis Flippen
Megan Carrick
Marcus Reed
Noah Schoettle
Aysia McElroy
Lawrence Nash
Kevin Womack (KJ)
Dennis Kenter (DK)
International student Hein Nyugen
Jesse Robinson Goodale IV



Hein Nuygen - Vietnam


McGann Mercy High School

Kelsey Tuthill
Samantha Kerrgan
Leo Ellis
Linsey Woodhall
Alexandra Hules


Hampton Bays High School

Hannah Heavey


Mattuick High School

Carley Doorhy


Southold High School

Brian Paschell


William Floyd High School

Joseph Tran, Kathryn Vu


Westbury High School

Theresa Oriental- Naval Academy at Annapolis


Howard T. Herbert High School

Denise Gregory


Central Islip High School

Livingstone Harriott Jr.- Brown University


Sacred Heart Academy

Victoria McLean- City University at Brooklyn College- Biology Major


North Babylon High School

Abril Burris-Georgia State University


Huntington High School

Justin Waite


Malloy Nursing School

Alissa Lo Bianco


Cardinal Spellman High School (Bronx, NY)

Michaella Phillips (Howard University)


Congratulations to our 2015 Scholarship Recipients!

2015 scholarship recipients will receive their awards on Christmas Eve at K-Mart in Riverhead, NY.


The Uniondale Show Choir, Uniondale High School, N.Y., under the direction of Lynette Carr-Hicks



Danielle Gabrielle Lawrence, Riverhead High School (future) scholarship recipient
Kaitlyn D. Doorhy, Mattituck High School (current) scholarship recipient


Riverhead High School

Mr. Raheem Brown
Ms. Victoria Carroll
Ms. Eva Castillo-Harrison
Ms. Rebecca Capobiamo
Mr. Ethan Greenridge, Villanova
Ms. Michelle Hatorff
Mr. Michael Hubbard
Ms. Teandra Jenkins
Ms. Jakie Lewin
Mr. Erik Markowski
Ms. Raquel Perodin
Ms. Melissa Pressler
Ms. Hannah Schneider
Ms. Hayley Sheridan
Mr. James Rios
Mr. Robert Torres, Military
Mr. Jacob Robinson
Mr. Louis Zamora, Merrimack College, Mass.
Mr. Aleki Lui
Ms. Nicole Madoninaia
Mr. Leon Langhorne Jr.
Mr. Andrew Smith
Ms. Tyhasiah Bell
Ms. Karla Vanston
Mr. Ceasar Chalda-Sarinieto
Ms. Amberlyn Fountaine
Ms. Chyna Jefferson
Mr. Marcus Moore
Ms. Isabella Marcucci
Mr. Kyle Troyan
Mr. DeAndre King


Bishop McGann Mercy High School

Mr.Alexander Heimroth
Ms.Natalie Massiah, Miami University

Additional Recipients

William Glidersleeve III, Mattituck High School

Ms. Caitlyn Cloonan, Newfield High School, Suffolk Community College
Mr. Sebastian Gallego, Brentwood High School, Crane Schools of Music
Ms. Poona Gupta, Francis Louis High School Queens, NY, Queens College
Mr. Subramanyir Chockalingam, Westhampton Beach High School, Queens College
Ms. August Francis Brown, MT View High School, Atlanta GA, Old Dominion College VA
Mr. Tyrell Brunskill, The George P. Butler Comprehensive High School, Augusta GA
Ms. Tajé Nicole Jackson, Gramby High School, VA
Ms. Madisson Sapp, GrandRapids Michigan
Ms. Mikaila Sapp, Grand Rapids Michigan
Mr. Marvin Sapp II, Grand Rapids Michigan
Ms. Ashley Sharpton, NYC, Hampton University 
Ms. Taeja Lambert, Ashbrook High School Gastonia NC, North Carolina A&T
Mr. Hasani Rathan, William Floyd
Mr. Dwayne Grillette, Cims High School Bronx, NY, Bronx Community College


Graduate Program

Ms. Elizabeth Wells - Voice and Stage Performance, The Royal Conservatorie of Scotland
Ms. Martha Perez - Business, Mercy College Graduate School
Ms. Tajanae Barns - English, North Carolina ANT, Gastonia NC


Doctorate Program

Mr. Marius Garbor - Electrical Engineering

Congratulations to our 2014 Scholarship Recipients!

Riverhead School District

Dakota Cardillo Kaitlyn Doherty, Matthew Bernard, Jaron Greenidge, Nathan Ernst, Jonathan Troiano, Jessica Sisti, Gabrielle C. Greene, Kayla Meyer,
Hannah Kulp, Kevin Zamora, Davion Porter, Tre' Daniels, Michael Hubbard, Ceasar Chabla-Sarinieto (Valedictorian), Kyle Breitenbach, Dakota Cohen,
Joseph Carrasco, Asia McElroy, Amberlynn Fountaine, Rachel Stanislawek, Chyna Jefferson, Marcus Moore, Kailyn Gill

Mercy High School

Patrick O'Brien, Amy Boden, Melissa Boden, Eric Boden,

Bridgehampton High School

Tatiana Dawson (Salutatorian)

The Gunery and Day Prep School

Spencer Cannon - Washington Connecticut

Westhampton Beach High School

Kasey Chockalingam

Hampton Bays High School

Samantha Thompson, Amanda Kenny, Everett Tarpey Kassandra Philip, Mia Fassenla

College Point High School

Akoya Johnson - Atlanta Georgia

Sayville High School

Jill Mediatore

Hempstead High School

Andrew N. Staton

Brentwood High School

Sebastian Gallegos (Recipient for 2015)

North Babylon High School

Katie Zambrotta

Norview High School

Khadidra Nicole Powell - Norfolk Virginia, Virginia State University

Bayonne High School

Brianna Joy Rhodes - New Jersey Rutgers University
Brittany Palkovich - Denver, Colorado Marisa Macchio

Piscataway High School

Carla R. Du Bose - New Jersey

International - Belgium

Andrea Delcorte

Congratulations to our 2013 Scholarship Recipients!

Freedom Academy

Demetrius Johnson (Regents Diploma, SUNY Jefferson)

Riverhead School District

Demitri Hampton (Posthumously)
John Gao
Nicholas Crump
Amanda Graziano
Julia Von Kammon
Jordan Tapley
Amber Brewer
Marcus Santana
Jocelyn Zaneski
Joshua Spaeth
Ashley Drozd

William Floyd

Dominique Ross

East Setauket

Patrick Palmaccio


Marvin Maldanado

East Hampton

Sarah Johnson
Abraham Johnson

New York, NY

Ahmad Malcolm Gumes (The Manhattan School)


North Brunswick, NJ

Dalena Le (North Brunswick High School)


Saint Raymond High School for Boys, Bronx, NY

Calvin Seecharan (Attending Queensborough College)

Henderson, NV

Marcus J. Flippen (Green Valley High School)

Mary Lupton Goodale
Memorial Scholarship

Nicole Clinco


Ath, Belgium
Ophelie Delcorte

Alumni Recipients Book Stipend

Kaitlyn Doorhy

Brandon M. Enoch
Ashile Henderson
Dominick Greene
Niasha Brace
Ramel Smith
Melissa Kujawski
Curtice Battle


The Tara L. Stevens Youth Enrichment Program

Recognizing and encouraging dedication and hard work throughout the school year, Goodale Productions has acknowleged the following students who will one day realize their dreams. Education is power. Special thanks to Dave Densieski and his Pulaski Street School staff where we awarded 97 scholarships. Special thanks to David Enos and his Riley Avenue School staff where we awarded 25 scholarships.


The first Tara L. Stevens Enrichment Scholarship Recipient Jahqel Vlount, jumping for joy !!! Click on the image to see how high he can jump!


Tara L. Stevens 2013 Scholarship Recipient, Demetrius Johnson featured on Janet Huff's, Wednesday's Child and with Mayor Bloomberg at the Chancellor's reception "Chancellor and Remarkable Student of the Year Award." Click here to open gallery.

Here are a few more of the students:

Teeter Guzman
Caelin Casado and Angelina Casado
Krystal Felix
Derek Slattery


Congratulations to our 2012 Scholarship Recipients!

Goodale Productions Scholarship

Tara L. Stevens Memorial Scholarship - Riverhead, NY

Goodale Productions and/or
Tara L. Stevens Memorial Scholarship
Outside Riverhead, NY

Mary Lupton Goodale Memorial Scholarship

Nicole Clinco

Special Thanks

Stephano Andreotti
Jennifer Bliss
Brandon Boardman
Abby Boedecker
Jaylyn Brown
Tyler Brown
Kurt Cartier
Tim Clement
Josue Cruz
Allison Doscincki
Jordan Fulcoly
Amanda Gallo
Andrew Geiger
Kendrik Gill
Paige Graziano
Michael Hubbard
Steven Johnson
Zachary Kortz
Stephen Loquet
Jacob MacCagli
Mariah Messina
Alyssa Meyer
Reginals Moore
Kristen Peragine
Tyler Person
Kimberly Ramos
Tanya Rast
Darien Reily
Sandra Ruttkayova
Steffany Sapienza
Melissa Tisicchi
John Weavers

Kelly Alfano
Stephano Andreotti
Jennifer Bliss
Abby Boedecker
Alexandra Brown
Jaylyn Brown
Tyler Brown
Chelsea Chizever
Samantha Gao
Kendrik Gill
Paige Graziano
William Green
Tyesha Harrell
Sabrina Harris
Lanaya Henderson
Marisa Hewkin
Steven Johnson
Hannah Keiffert
Melissa Kujawski
Kayla Lessard
Desira Lewis
Reginald Moore
Aysha Ozylemaz
Kristen Peragine
Jason Peterson
Justin Peterson
Marissa Pisicchio
Kerrysha Pittman
Kimberly Ramos
Darshae Wilkins
Center Moriches
Alexis Parlato
Jordan Walther

Eastport High School
Steffany Sappienza

Mattituck High School
Mirin Custer -Greenberger
Kaitlyn Doorhy

Mercy High School
Emily Horn
Chris Young

Ross School EH
Sarah Johnson

Valley Stream High School
Jazmyn Gaither

Percy Julian High School, Chicago, IL
Jac'Quetta Parter

Aquinas High School, Bronx NY
Curtice Battle


Transylvania, Romania
Marius Grabor

Alumni Recipients Book Stipend

Kaitlin Arenz
Jessica Cybulski
Peter Cybulski
Travis Baskin
Joshua Bieling
Jacob Boergesson
Sara Britt
Tavonna Brown
Alexandra Budd
Ryan Budd
Nicholas Contino
Micahel Drozd
Benjamin Edmund
Zach Escallier
Daniel Falisi
Rachel Flannery
Brianna Futch
Charmaine Futch
Justin Harris
Wynisha Hatcher
Treval Hatcher
Brandon Hollborn
Jonathan Horton
Kyle Hubbard
Lauren Liggon
Michele Magliulo
Peter Marino
Clinton McCoy
Cathrine McHeffy
Audrey Pasierb
James Peterson
Rodney Rollins II
Cameron Roundtree
Melissa Roundtree
Veronica Spaeth
Diaquan Trent
Jonathan Tyler
Alexa White
Saivon Williams
Lauren Woodhull
Brittany Woodhull

Congratulations to our 2011 Scholarship Recipients!